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What to Look for when Buying a Wallet

Whether you’re enjoying drinks with your mates or dining out with your partner, or even just simply attending a business lunch, you want to make sure that you always present an image of sophistication and style. Reaching for a fine genuine leather wallet to pick up the bill is by far one of the smoothest ways you can achieve this.

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So why a leather wallet and what should you think about?


Full Grain Leather is the highest grade of leather that you can buy. It is also one of the most durable types of leather and it stands out from the crowd with its unique patterns and range of stunning colours it comes in. Perfect for the gentleman looking for that one of a kind piece that makes a statement synonymous to his character.


You want to find an accessory that not only looks good but is functional to your needs. You want to make sure you not digging for your cards or cash in your pockets every time you need to pay for something. Have a look at what you carry with you on a day to day basis. How many cards to you carry with you, do you like carrying cash and coins, what else to you like having with you. Choose a wallet that has enough card slots for you, work on each card slot taking a maximum of 2 cards. If you carry a ton of cards including loyalty cards, consider getting a separate card holder for the ones you don’t reach for every day.  Do you need a window pocket for you ID card or drivers’ licence? How many note pockets do you like? There are so many different styles of wallets to choose from, you can be sure to find something that works for you.


Size matters! In this case a large wallet is necessarily the best option. You don’t want to be stretching your pants pockets or walking around looking like you have an extra bum cheek because you are carrying the biggest clumpiest wallet. Look for a wallet that that looks sleek, has nice rounded corners and a slim fit that fits comfortably in your pocket.

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As with the way you dress, your wallet is an extension of you. Invest in a durable stylish wallet that matches who you are and that you don’t have to replace every 2 months.

Top 5 Must Have Travel Accessories

By Vanessa O’Donoghue

Everyone loves a good trip, an adventure to see new places and discover new things! Planning the perfect trip can also take a lot of time. After all, no one wants to be stranded in a new place without the necessary requirements and amenities. Therefore, I believe having key travel accessories and amenities can help make the perfect trip for anyone. Travelling can be fun as well as completely surprising at times, but by being prepared with the right accessories and survival kit you won’t have to stress about the surprises.
Below are my top accessories and amenities that I recommend you take with you on all your trips, both business and leisure.

An Overnight Bag that You Keep with You

When flying it is always a good idea to have carry on luggage that you can pack overnight clothes in just in case you get to the other side and your checked in luggage hasn’t made it to your destination. A simple weekend bag that you can put on your back if you need your hands free (especially useful if you have kids that you are travelling with) is perfect for this.

Neck Pillow

Whether you are travelling by air or doing a long car or train trip, having a neck pillow is a must so that you can get some rest in along the way. Try find an inflatable one that is made from a soft fabric so that you can store it easily in your carry-on luggage or handbag.

Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is super useful to store your passport, itinerary and other travel docs that you may need while on your trip. I like using a travel wallet that can take all these and double up as a purse/ wallet so that I don’t have to carry both while travelling.

First Aid Kit

You just never know when you going to need a plaster, or something to help your tummy after trying some adventurous food. It is always best to have a small cosmetic bag with some key items in it in case of emergency. I always keep plasters, headache pills, Imodium, antibacterial ointment, an antihistamine and some tissues in mine.

Power Bank

It is always a good idea to carry a fully charge power bank and your charging cables with you. That way you never need to worry about getting caught in the perfect moment without a charged camera or phone and wishing you could have captured the moment.

Holidays and trips should always be fun and enjoyable if you are prepared and have all the necessities nearby so that you can enjoy the real adventure. Buying the right kind of travel luggage and accessories is important so that you can keep your things safe while traveling.

Happy Travelling!

3 Ways to Inexpensively Up-Level Your Style Statement

You shouldn’t let fashion overwhelm you. Style is about you expressing your uniqueness through what you wear. Your style should reflect who you are on the inside, and that is a confident, bold, and fierce woman. And it is critical that how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside are balanced. So that means you should look good and feel good.

The world of fashion is a fun and exciting place. And it has room for you to be able to fully express yourself. And there are some things you can do to incorporate being more stylish into your life, inexpensively. But before you read the tips, it is important that you don’t compare yourself to other women and what they are wearing. That mindset is critical. Wear what works for you. Remember there are no perfect women so don’t strive for perfection. Trying to achieve perfection will just make you feel inferior and frustrated. Nobody is the same and neither is their fashion sense.

1. Add a colorful scarf:

Adding a colorful scarf can make your outfit look trendy and stylish. There are many different colors of scarves and styles available. Scarves are very fashionable when integrated correctly. And the right scarf can do wonders for your outfit.

2. Accessories:

Accessories can also be an inexpensive way to make your outfit pop. Accessories such as jewelry, purses, hair accessories, shoes, belts and sunglasses can make you stand out in a crowd. When adding accessories it is important that you choose accessories that complement your outfit, and not clash with your outfit. And never underestimate the power of accessories when it comes to making a powerful fashion statement.

3.Closet Check:

Do a closet check by going through your closet and mixing up your fashion choices. Think of integrating outfits in a way that you usually wouldn’t. For example, instead of wearing your animal print shirt with blue jeans, maybe you could consider wearing it under your jacket with a pair of dress pants. You may have more outfits to choose from than you think.

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez is the founder of Fashionique Style Academy, where she educates and empowers women to boost their confidence and up-level their style. To find out about services please visit


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